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Two SHS Final Year Students Give Birth

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Two SHS Final Year Students Give Birth – Two final year students of St. Fidelis Senior High Technical School in the Kwahu Afram Plains South District of the Eastern region who as of late conveyed and a seven month old Pregnant Student are battling to adapt to the necessary boarding order.

President Akufo Addo coordinated that all final year Senior High School (SHS 3) students, along with SHS 2 Gold Track students who continued scholarly exercise on 22nd June, 2020 to finish the scholastic schedule must be in motel as a measure to control the spread of Coronavirus in schools.

In any case, because of the off-kilter circumstances the two last year students
get themselves, they have not had the option to continue scholastic work regardless of ready to compose the West Africa Senior High Certificate Examination (WASCE) beginning this month.

However, one of the lactating understudies on Tuesday kept in touch with the Headmaster of the School and replicated the District Director of Education Service about her condition requesting authorization to come to class from home to empower her deal with her youngster and simultaneously participate in instructing and figuring out how to plan for the tests.

A relative of the understudy, revealed to Starr News “she was a boarding student however got pregnant and conveyed not long before government revived schools so it implies we needed to take her from the boarding to remain in the house. But since of the mandate that all the understudies should remain in school she couldn’t go due to the kid. So we composed a letter to the superintendent imploring him to release her to class from the house. So she has been setting off to the school only that she feels tired and consistently be staying in bed class in light of the fact that the child doesn’t permit her to have enough rest”

Starr News has accumulated that the lactating understudy has been promised to the man who impregnated her at Tease Community where she is cohabitating.

One other lactating understudy and an intensely Pregnant understudy are, in any case, yet to answer to School because of the ominous boarding order.

Adolescent Pregnancy is predominant in Afram Plains region because of destitution and other financial components.

Numerous survivors of high school Pregnancy are constrained into relationships with the culprits by their folks.

The Chief Executive Officer of International Child Development Program (ICDP) Joyce Lanyo, says it is significant for partners in the District to guarantee that the understudies are bolstered to compose the tests and forestall being constrained into marriage with the culprits.

ICDP which is actualizing Partner for Girls Advocacy Alliance a venture activity of Plan International Ghana trying to kill Child marriage and sexual orientation based savagery stated, numerous high school young ladies are being constrained into marriage to the detriment of their instruction during such circumstances.

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