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Our site user or visitors can download your song  just by a single click on the DOWNLOAD button or the DOWNLOAD link. Our visitors can also play and listen to the songs www.tmmotiongh.com

We have other options below where you or our visitors can share the song link via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more share button.

We also post your music link on our social media Fan pages and through WhatsApp broadcast.

Your music link will remain on our website as far as our site is still running.

Your music and details will be indexed on Google and other search engine within 24hrs or 34hrs for those who will like to get your song through search engine.
We also give discount to our regular customers and clients who introduced about four (4) people to promote on www.tmmotiongh.com

We also provide special counseling to the newly Artiste based on Artiste branding and best was to promote their Art works.


Note: We charge a fee of Gh¢100gh and Gh¢50gh based on our pakages been selected (Longer promo and shorter Promo).

We currently accept Payment through MTN Mobile Money, Tigo Cash, Vodafone Cash and Express pay.


Contact us for our payment details on +223541108370
Submit your music or video to our official email address: [email protected] with the following details:

Artiste stage name ( indicate if someone is featured), Song title, Music Art cover or High quality photo (Not something taken with phone).

Settle your payment and make sure you give us a call to confirm your payment

Your music or video will be uploaded within 24hrs of confirming your payment.

We will be expecting to hear from you soon.

For more information, call or WhatsApp +233544222388 +233541108370
Email:[email protected]

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