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Patapaa lied, his girlfriend did not buy him the BMW (photos)

Patapaa car
‘One Corner’ crooner Patapaa Amisty has been captured on top entertainment news portals including after sharing a video of himself in a BMW.

Apparently, the Swedru-based artist claims his girlfriend got him a brand new BMW as his birthday present.
Both Patapaa and Queen Peezy were seen at a car gallery believed to be in Munich, Germany where they were checking on some cars.
This gave fans a strong belief that indeed Queen Peezy had purchased a car for her king, but that’s a lie, we learn.
However, sources closer to Pa2pa nation reveal the musician is about to release one of his noisy songs as usual.
Ahead of the release, the ‘Chensee’ hit singer is looking forwards to gain some hype and media attention before he releases the song.
We are told they just checked the car out and were allowed to take photos but never drove the car out of the gallery in Germany.
Photos see the ‘couple’ staging a kiss beside the car, but it is all fake. The photos we are sharing will be released by Patapaa in the coming days, just remember you saw it here first.
Check them out;


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