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Who Owns The BetPawa Betting Company

by TM Boss

Who Owns The BetPawa Betting Company

BetPawa has gained popularity in Nigeria and across the African region, establishing a stellar reputation. But what lies at the core of this triumph? Who are these exquisite experts behind the scenes, steering the company towards unprecedented heights? In this article, we’ll elaborate on BetPawa’s owner, exploring its inner ecosystem, the dedicated team driving its success, and the fundamental regulations that guide its operations.

Who Owns BetPawa in Nigeria?

Who Owns BetPawa in Nigeria

Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, known as Mr. Eazi, a prominent Nigerian Afropop artist, has successfully established an online gambling empire under the brand BetPawa in African countries. Employing astute financial transactions and leveraging influential political connections, Mr. Eazi adeptly secured a controlling stake in Softpawa, thereby solidifying his dominion & ownership over the majority of the company’s services.

Nanovas International (K) Ltd

Nanovas International (K) Ltd is the parent company of BetPawa that provides the necessary support and resources to ensure the flawless operation of the platform in multiple markets. BetPawa is a renowned brand and one of the subsidiaries operated by this company. Under the umbrella of Nanovas International (K) Ltd, BetPawa has established itself as a prominent online betting platform in several African countries, including Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria. Nikolai Guerassim Nikolov and CEO Ronald Karauri, who own a 7% stake, share its ownership. BetPawa operates under the company’s license and adheres to its regulatory framework.

Segun Somefun – CEO

Segun Somefun, the CEO, is at the forefront of BetPawa’s operations, which are aimed at making the platform the best betting website in Nigeria.

BetPawa aspires to be the foremost betting website in the nation, led by a devoted CEO, Segun Somefun. The sportsbook just engaged in a strategic collaboration with the Lagos State government, which is a major move. This alliance strives to improve the state’s educational quality. CEO delivered an N1.8 million cheque to Amos Utibe, a 32-year-old public servant from Akwa Ibom, who won the jackpot after making a $100 bet during the announcement in Lagos. This gesture demonstrates the bookmaker’s dedication to positively impacting society while giving exhilarating betting options to its consumers.

BetPawa Rules

Lanre Gbajabiamila, Director-General of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, emphasized the need for more collaboration between the Commission and licensed gaming operators in the sports betting industry.

BetPawa requires its users to undergo a verification process to ensure transparency and security before placing bets with real money. This involves submitting valid identification documents and proof of address. For residents of Nigeria, acceptable identification documents include a valid ID card/driving license or international passport, accompanied by a utility bill or bank statement as proof of address. The Director-General commended the management of BetPawa for exhibiting expertise in their dealings with the Commission. The set of documents varies depending on the location. So, the list of countries it’s present in is mentioned below.

Geographical Location of BetPawa

Geographical Location of BetPawa

An internet betting platform called BetPawa is functioning in many African nations. Even though the precise geographical areas may change, the bookmaker’s company is present in countries including Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria. These nations make up a few of the important markets where the sportsbook does business and offers its services to punters that are interested in betting on sports & casino games.


Since its establishment in 2014, BetPawa has established a solid reputation as a sports betting site. Offering a user-friendly interface and a committed customer care staff, the company has grown its services throughout Africa from its base in Accra, Ghana. The business’s CEO & the owner are leading the effort to make BetPawa the top betting website in the African region. Foreign Investors with vast expertise in the online betting market own the company’s shares and work on improving its quality.

With a focus on compliance, a company makes sure its members undergo a verification procedure to preserve security and follow legal regulations. Becoming recognized and granted licenses by respected government agencies over the years has strengthened BetPawa’s dedication to gaming practices. As the bookie continues on its journey, it is devoted to putting the needs of its customers first and doing business with professionalism.


Who is the current CEO of BetPawa?

The present CEO of the company in Nigeria is Segun Somefun.

What is the number of employees at BetPawa?

With the majority of its workforce located in Africa, the company boasts a staff of over 300 dedicated full-time employees who help to provide friendly and exceptional service to customers.

How long has BetPawa been in business?

The online sportsbook was founded in 2014 and keeps growing its business till the present time.

Where is BetPawa headquartered?

The headquarters of BetPawa is registered & situated at Jõe 4a, 10151 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia.

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