The Ashaiman Effect: How Dancegod Lloyd Shattered Stereotypes in the Entertainment Industry

The Ashaiman Effect How Dancegod Lloyd Shattered Stereotypes in the Entertainment Industry

Dancegod Lloyd Overcomes Stigma: A Journey from Ashaiman to Success in Ghana’s Entertainment Industry

Dancegod Lloyd, a renowned Ghanaian dancer, recently opened up about the obstacles he faced while growing up in Ashaiman, a suburb of Accra. He revealed that he often concealed his background when applying for dance teaching jobs due to the negative perceptions associated with the community. In an interview with Accra-based Original TV, Dancegod Lloyd shared his experience of being judged based on his upbringing. He mentioned that he used to alter his background to Terna in order to secure employment opportunities, as people would become uncomfortable when he mentioned being from Ashaiman.

Initially, Dancegod Lloyd refrained from revealing his Ashaiman background to avoid missing out on job opportunities. When he would visit the homes of affluent clients for dance lessons, they would inquire about his background and where he came from. He expressed concerns that mentioning Ashaiman would lead them to suspect him of ulterior motives. However, as Dancegod Lloyd gained popularity and achieved success in his career, he decided to stop hiding his background.

He noted that during conversations, everything would be positive and cheerful until he mentioned Ashaiman, at which point the mood would change. Nevertheless, Dancegod Lloyd observed that attitudes have shifted, and people now take pride in having an Ashaiman native like him on board. He finds it comforting and relaxing to openly declare his roots, drawing a parallel with other well-known figures such as Stonebwoy, who proudly proclaim their association with Ashaiman and other underprivileged communities.

Ashaiman has long been burdened with a reputation as a haven for criminals. However, the achievements of artists like Stonebwoy, Eno Barony, and Dancegod Lloyd in the entertainment industry have played a significant role in challenging these negative perceptions. Dancegod Lloyd has emerged as a prominent figure in Ghana’s entertainment landscape, gaining recognition for his exceptional dance skills and choreography.



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