Selly Galley Begs Ghanaians For Money, Only 100gh Upwards

Selly Galley expects her fans and followers to help her with money but has come out with a fixed amount and upwards.

Ghanaian actress Selly Galley appears to become a broke woman as she joins the trends to beg for money from her fans and followers on Instagram.

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She decided to follow in the steps of renowned Nigerian Afobeats star Davido who raked in more than 130 million Naira (over $300,000) in less than 24 hours after calling on his friends to send him 1 million nairas each.

At first, his target was N100m when he asked his colleagues and associates to send him money to clear his Roll Royce from the Port, but he surpassed the goal and still received more funds.

Following the love and loyalty shown to Davido, actress cum media personality, Selly Galley decided to hop on the trend by asking her fans and loved ones to send her money.

This gives a clue that the actress who is the wife musician, praye Tiatia was facing a hardship situation but couldn’t publicly say it and decided to join the initiative trend by Davido to beg Ghanaians for money.

Meanwhile hiplife grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone has received backlash from Ghanaians after he took to social media to follow the same trend.

Taking to Instagram, the wife of Praye Tietia shared her mobile money number requesting GHC100 funds or more, and already some persons have shown their support.




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