Popular Musician Pounds Fufu At The Chop Bar To Survive Aside From Music


In Ghana, it’s hard for a musician to make a living from only music without doing another job to feed himself.

The sad situation is this one here of a popular Ghanaian musician doing the layman’s work to withstand living aside from making music. A new video that has gone viral captures a Ghana musician who was working at the chop bar as a fufu pounder to support his living.

The video spots Yaw Grey of the defunct music group, Mobile Boys who was battering fufu at the chop bar. This seems to be an awful situation for the artiste who was once the biggest together with his group members.

Yaw Grey was a leader of the defunct music group ‘Mobile Boys’ which was introduced by hiplife grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone. The group made monster hits at the time they were on top of the game in around 2006.

Yaw Grey’s unfortunate video of him pounding fufu at the chop bar as his side business, aside from music was shared on Instagram.

As he was seen gently outfitted, he shared his painful story of how he is not making money from music, but to start working as the chop bar as a fufu pounder.


He also advised that anyone who wants to start doing music in Ghana should have a side job because only music cannot make one survive in Ghana.


Watch the video below;


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