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Medikal And D-Black Settle ‘Beef’ Amid Fella Makafui’s Controversy

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Medikal And D-Black Settle ‘Beef’ Amid Fella Makafui’s Controversy

Ghanaian musicians Medikal and D-Black have smoked a peace pipe after both had been entangled in a ‘beef’.

Both rappers were at loggerheads with each other after Fella Makafui was seen in a viral video smoking cigars while D-Black lighted her cigar in one of his clubs.

Medikal upon seeing the video was enraged and called out D-Black for his actions which happened during the period Fella and Medikal were going through turbulence in their marriage.

Medikal publicly declared his dislike for the action particularly when it happened at the time he had separated with his estranged wife, Fella Makafui.

However, both artistes smoked a peace pipe on Thursday, May 22 after D-Black unexpectedly appeared on Star Chat on Star FM when Medikal was being interviewed by Bola Ray.

Medikal told Bola Ray on Star Chat that he would never have lighted a cigar for D-Black’s wife indicating his dislike for D-Black’s action.

D-Black also explained that he had no ill-intention and did not having any knowledge about their marital problems prior to his actions.

He clarified that he only lighted the cigar for Fella Makafui upon Fella’s request.

They both quashed their beef and apologised to each other for their actions which obviously had caused harm to each other.

“Big apology for lightening the cigar for Fella,” D-Black apologized while Medikal also apologized saying “I mean I’m sorry for saying f**k you.”

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