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Empire Signs Partnership Deal With Ubuntu Enterprises LLC

Written by Kubi GH
Empire Signs Partnership Deal With Ubuntu Enterprises LLC

Empire Signs Partnership Deal With Ubuntu Enterprises LLC

Empire Entertainment, a Ghanaian-owned music label is enthusiastic to announce a ground-breaking alliance with Ubuntu Enterprises LLC, two significant entertainers in the radio/music sector.

This partnership gears toward turning over a new leaf of the state of the music industry and give fans everywhere special experiences.

Empire Entertainment and Ubuntu Enterprises LLC have joined forces to provide imploring opportunities for musicians and artists by combining their strengths, resources, and skills.

This partnership is evidence of their common desire to break down barriers and redefine the music business.

One of Ghana’s most well-known and innovative radio and television personalities is Nat Kwabena Anokye-Adisi, best known by his stage name BOLA RAY CEO of Empire Entertainment.

He has become one of the top experts in the country for media management, corporate growth, and event production throughout the years. He now serves as an example of discipline and tenacity.

He inspires those who want to follow in his entrepreneurial, humanitarian, and artistic footsteps because he is a visionary with a good eye for talent.

Carl Shackleton, CEO/President of Ubuntu Enterprises LLC, has over 25 years of experience working in the music business.

He is the driving force behind the prolific music production company House of Hitz, which is renowned for its wide range of projects. Shackleton’s resume includes anything from making records and EPs to creating soundtracks for many kinds of movies, like romantic comedies and urban movies. His brilliance comes in his capacity to flawlessly adapt each piece of work to the unique requirements of a project.

The breadth of Shackleton’s corpus of work rivals that of the music business. Death Of The Dynasty, the final film starring Dame Dash and Jay Z, was composed by him. He has worked with Outkast’s Andre 3000. Many of today’s top stars, including Jamie Foxx, Wiz Khalifa, Dj Khaled, Brian Bond of Florida Georgia Line, Rhonda Smith, Prince, Usher, Fred Hammond, Yung Joc, Brandy, and Kiki Wyatt, to mention a few, have projects that feature his work. Additionally, Shackleton contributed to the development of some of today’s most innovative artists, including Manno Beats, Wurld, and several Grammy nominees and winners.

Shackleton is a successful filmmaker with numerous awards from film festivals. He is also a composer, lyricist, engineer, and record producer. He is prepared to present several emerging celebrities like T.A.T. Vybz.

Through this collaboration, Ubuntu Enterprises LLC. and Empire Entertainment will work together to promote and create production training schools for young aspiring musicians all around the world. For instance, the rising band T.A.T Vybz.

The combined resources of the two organizations will enable this project to give artists unrivaled prospects for success and to produce unforgettable fan experiences. This collaboration is influencing the direction of the music business, not just creating songs.

The alliance will start right away, and preparations are already being made for some upcoming events, artist alliances, and ground-breaking music releases. Follow the relevant websites and social media accounts of Ubuntu Enterprises LLC and Empire Entertainment for updates.

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