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Five explosive revelations by Sarkodie in new song “Try Me”

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Five explosive revelations by Sarkodie in new song “Try Me”

Five explosive revelations by Sarkodie in new song “Try Me”

Five explosive revelations by Sarkodie in new song “Try Me”

Last week, rapper Sarkodie found himself at the center of attention after being mentioned in actress Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, titled “I am not Yvonne Nelson.” The book shed light on their past relationship and specifically addressed an alleged incident where Yvonne claimed Sarkodie had impregnated her but asked her to have an abortion due to his young age and unpreparedness for fatherhood.

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In response to these claims, Sarkodie released a 3-minute and 16-second audio track on Tuesday, June 27, offering his side of the story. In the track, he confirmed that they were indeed in a relationship but disputed some of the details. Here are five key points he addressed:

  1. Sarkodie clarified that he did not ask Yvonne Nelson to have an abortion; it was her decision entirely.
  2. He claimed that he had encouraged Yvonne to keep the baby, but she prioritized her education over the pregnancy.
  3. Sarkodie stated that he had suggested Yvonne see a doctor for an examination, but she declined the offer.
  4. According to Sarkodie, Yvonne opted to consult an abortion doctor recommended by one of her friends.
  5. He revealed that Yvonne recently tried to initiate a conversation about their past, but he rejected her terms. The lyrics of the track imply that Sarkodie felt Yvonne was trying to portray herself as a victim and that she had a history of seeking love in her previous relationships.

The chorus of the song, translated from Twi, conveys Sarkodie’s sentiments: “If you don’t love me, leave me. Why are you pestering me? What is meant for me, you have given to someone else. I have become teary. If you don’t love me, leave me, let me be. Someone else is longing to be with me. When you were leaving, you failed to inform me. Baby girl, don’t test me.”

In his response track, Sarkodie aimed to address the allegations made by Yvonne Nelson and provide his perspective on their past relationship.



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